Chasco Fiesta – Live Updates

The Chasco Fiesta Pow Wow is going on this weekend in Sims Park! Come join in the fun as we celebrate Native American culture with this signature event!


Friday, March 19th: 5 PM – 10 PM

Saturday, March 20th: 10 AM – 10 PM

Sunday, March 21st: 11 AM – 5 PM

Chasco Fiesta Pow Wow: Day 3

11:01 AM – It’s a bittersweet morning as it’s the last day of Chasco! Come down to Sims Park and experience traditional Native American crafts, history, and culture!

Chasco Fiesta Pow Wow: Day 2

9:56 PM – The Pow Wow dancers shut down the second night of Chasco with a bang! Their colorful, fast-paced performance got the whole crowd bouncing. Their talent is absolutely captivating – if you haven’t had a chance to experience the traditions of the Pow Wow, tomorrow is your last chance!

8:42 PM – We’re getting ready for the last performance! One of the acts that we’ve heard the most about has been Cody Boettner, the world champion hoop dancer! He’s been performing at the highest level for years and is the headliner for the Pow Wow Dancers’ performance!

6:12 PM – We want to give out a shoutout to three businesses that celebrated grand opening ceremonies today! Congrats to Downtown Nutrition, the Rusty Bucket Baithouse, and Main Street Bakery! These are all great businesses so make sure you check them out!

4:56 PM – On top of the Pow Wow, this weekend has been full of events! Earlier today we checked out the mini Loquat Festival outside of Rose’s Bistro. For those who don’t know, the loquat is an urban fruit grown in the yards of many NPR residents. It makes a delicious treat on its own and, as it turns out, can be delicious in the form of muffins, scones, and a loquat bake. Stay on the lookout for future loquat events coming up at Tasty Tuesday and Wright’s Farmers’ Market!

3:34 PM – One of our favorite exhibits was the reptile handler in the northwest corner of the Pow Wow. In addition to turtles, crocodiles and alligators, they brought out a real live Burmese Python! According to the handlers, the python will live up to 30 years in captivity and grow nearly 14 feet long!

12:41 PM – The Aztec Dancers performed to the audience’s delight! Many brave people even came into the circle and volunteered to demonstrate their moves! More performances will be going on starting at 2 PM – make sure to check out the performance schedule to plan your trip down to the Chasco Pow Wow!

11:35 AM – Sicanni’s second performance of the weekend was a huge crowd pleaser! We found out that he traveled all the way from New York to be with us this weekend. Come check out his music and hand carved flutes!

10:12 AM – We’re officially underway on Day 2 of the Chasco Fiesta Pow Wow! Even more folks have turned out today, and after a quick caffeine break at Delicias Latinas, we’re ready to get the party started!

8:57 AM – The first night of the Chasco Pow Wow was incredible! Our favorite part were all of the traditional performances and watching the crowd engage with the Native American vendors. Everybody seemed to walk away with a newfound appreciation for this longstanding culture. Now, we’ve got a tough decision to make – where to get breakfast!

Chasco Fiesta Pow Wow: Day 1

9:34 PM – Things are winding down, which draws the vendors out to chat with one another. Folks continue to meander from tent to tent, inspecting cultural wares as the crowd thins out. Once the cicadas begin to drown out the tribal music the emcee announces that they’ll be packing it in for the evening. People file out, talking and laughing with each other, enjoying one another’s company. All told, it was a successful kick-off to a sure-to-be awesome weekend!

7:35 PM – The Aztec Dance was a huge hit with the crowd! After a quick lesson, audience members filed into the grassy arena and let loose to a heavy percussive beat. Competing for audience applause, participants had a blast dancing in front of friends and strangers alike!

6:12 PM – Things are in full swing with a traditional Native flautist! Check out the full performance on our Facebook page here!

5:42 PM – The Chasco Pow Wow is now underway! Starting at 6 PM is the first performance, which we’ll be live-streamed on on our Facebook page!

4:17 PM – We’ve done your dirty work and found this weekend’s menu! The Grill on Wheels is serving up some sizzling selections, including authentic Native foods!

4:01 PM – We just met up with Kathi and Kathi from UROCK mobile rock and crystal shop! They’re excited to be a part of the Pow Wow and to spread some good vibes in downtown NPR!

3:36 PM – It’s only been a few hours and things are really coming together for Chasco’s 2021 Pow Wow. Passers by in Sims Park have been curious to know what all the hubbub is about and have been stopping to talk to the vendors. With so many vendors in the park, it’s a great opportunity for them to start seeing the community before the Pow Wow officially begins!

1:43 PM – Sims Park is buzzing as vendors put the finishing touches on their booth displays. All told, there are a dozen Native American vendors setting up for the weekend, in addition to Native food and entertainment. We had a chance to meet Buddy, the owner of Lil Gail’s in Rapid City, South Dakota. Buddy is excited to be in Sims Park this weekend, and is looking forward to being back in South Dakota in a few weeks. His tent is full of handwoven blankets, beads, hats, masks, and dream catchers. Make sure you stop by and say hi!

A Modified Chasco Fiesta Returns to Sims Park

Published March 11th, 2021 at 12:13 PM

The Chasco Fiesta is New Port Richey’s largest and most widely attended event. With live music, vendors lining Sims park, and traditional festivities, it’s something that the entire community looks forward to. This year, for the second year in a row, the community will be without a full-scale Chasco Fiesta.

However, it isn’t all bad news. Knowing that a full-scale Chasco would be impossible, organizers dreamed up a solution. While ten consecutive days of Chasco are off the table, the Fiesta is looking to take place bit by bit over the next few months.

Starting this weekend, from March 19th – March 21st, the City of New Port Richey will host the Chasco Fiesta Pow Wow in Sims Park. This scaled back event will feature Native American crafts and cuisine, in addition to cultural celebrations. For a $5 admission fee, folks will enjoy the spirit and fun of Chasco’s heritage over a three-day event!