Health and Wellness is our Way of Life

In downtown New Port Richey, we recognize health and wellness as being more than fad diets, a number on the scale, or a person’s waist size. It’s not about looking good, so much as it’s about feeling strong and healthy. Feeling empowered, rather than exhausted. Living a sustainable lifestyle, and avoiding the burnout that comes with prolonged dieting and an on-again-off-again relationship with the gym.

In downtown NPR, everything from our connection to nature and wildlife, to what we consume, is rooted in mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Strength & Conditioning

Downtown NPR is growing, and wellness-minded businesses are opening up on every corner. When it comes kick-butt workouts, few do it better than Muay Thai Boxing.

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing is celebrating its first location in downtown NPR! This gym combines self-defense with aerobic workouts, resulting in an empowering experience for its members. The instructors are experts in Thai Boxing, having lived and boxed for years in Thailand, their current curriculum is certified by the Thai government. Already, Muay Thai Boxing is filling up classes. Book a class online, or give them a call for some more information!

Fresh Eats on Main Street

Wright’s Natural Market

Jeff and Kathy Wright opened their 700 square-foot supplement shop in 1994 on US-Highway 19. Today, they run a dedicated natural market from their spot on Main Street. In many ways, they are paving the way for more and more businesses that focus on health and wellness.

Wright’s Natural Market anchors the east end of Main Street. Every week, shipments of organic produce and fresh bread are stocked on the shelves. Their café offers a rotation of vegan and gluten-free options that pair perfectly with the kombucha on tap. Setting a clear tone for the community, Jeff and Kathy approach health and wellness from a holistic perspective.

The White Heron Tea Room

When it comes to mental and physical health, sometimes it’s the time-tested approaches that prove to be most effective. For thousands of years, tea has been a key ingredient for digestion and relaxation. In downtown New Port Richey, the White Heron Tea Room is embracing this philosophy.

Kelly Hackman, owner of the White Heron, is a true tea sommelier. While her tea room and gift shop offer an incredible day trip experience, her unique tea blends continue to be best sellers throughout the country! Her teas embrace local flavors, like New Port Richey’s unofficial city fruit, the loquat. Her Luscious Loquat tea blend has a green tea base that aids in digestion. The uniquely tropical tang of the loquat propelled the blend to a silver medal finish in the 2019 GlobalTea Championship!

ADAPT Freshness

The most recent addition to downtown’s fresh food family is ADAPT Freshness, which is celebrating three months on Main Street! ADAPT draws folks to their shop with smoothies, acai bowls, and avocado toasts made from local ingredients. Mike Forte, the shop’s owner, is a regular at the Tampa Bay Farmers’ Markets. “I’m up at 3 AM smelling all of the fruits and vegetables at the market,” says Mike, a trained professional chef, “good, healthy, nutritious food starts with the best ingredients. You don’t have to leave the community to find those.”

With most of the menu priced at $6 or under, Mike remains committed to the idea that healthy food should not be cost prohibitive. “We don’t serve treats here,” he says, “we want people to come back again and again. We want ADAPT to be a lifestyle.”

Healthy Bites In our own Backyard

Looking to eat better and save money? The New Port Richey Public Library can help you buy, sell, and grow organic produce!

In New Port Richey, urban agrarianism – the idea of growing food where you live – is intensely popular. Not only did New Port Richey precede the State of Florida in permitting front yard gardens, now residents can raise backyard chickens!

Do you have a green thumb? Starting a front yard garden is easy and convenient! The NPR Public Library offers a free seed library to patrons. Folks can grow and eat organic produce at home, and make money by selling the leftovers at Tasty Tuesday!

Tasty Tuesday is a weekly community market that takes place every Tuesday morning from 10 AM – 12 PM in the library courtyard. Here, more than a dozen vendors gather to sell fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan crafts, and treats like honey, succulents, and baked goods!

Enjoy the weekly offerings of the NPR Public Library, and be on the lookout for gardening programs and events!


Groups like the Cotee River Kayakers Club and Downtown NPR Wellness Club are embracing the connection between nature and wellness.

Once a month, the CRKC hosts a group paddle, in addition to their weekly member-driven events. The club is made up of experienced and novice kayakers, and is a resource for the entire region. On the Cotee River, the kayakers explore the 23 miles of water that link James E. Grey Preserve to the Gulf of Mexico. Each trip is a new experience, offering a chance to meet new people. Often times, kayaker are joined by native Floridians: sunning turtles, birds fishing on the riverbank, and even manatees eager to join in on the fun. On rare occasion, a wild dolphin can be spotted splashing around someone’s boat ramp. The group is free to join, and is one of the many exciting ways to explore NPR!

The Downtown NPR Wellness Club has a similar mission: bring together people who have a passion for holistic health! From their sunset stroll to weekly yoga meet-ups, this group takes advantage of downtown’s beautiful greenspace.