A Downtown Doggy Boutique Has Just Arrived!

Pupperz Pet Grooming, formerly located on Massachusetts Avenue, is one of the newest additions to our Main Street! Jen opened the business a year ago and is already seeing her hard work pay dividends. In addition to bringing a boutique collection of treats, toys, and even doggy beer downtown, Pupperz has been a steadfast partner with the Downtown Dogs’ Club. In fact, Jen and her crew joined us at our very first Yappy Hour at the Dented Keg!

She’s an Entre-pup-neur

So how did this twenty-something entrepreneur wind up downtown? Well it starts with being frustrated by the industry. “I was just sick of seeing groomers mistreat pups. Either by accident, incompetence, or out of frustration,” Jen explains. “I was in the corporate pet grooming world for years and I just couldn’t stand it. Everything was about churning through customers and making money. I wanted to start a grooming business where we put the pups over profit.”

Like a true leader, Jen blazed a path that allowed her mom and her best friend Courtney to join in on the business. Together, the three of them operated out of their Massachusetts Avenue storefront for nearly a year.

The Move to Downtown NPR

“We really wanted to be downtown. This is where everything’s happening,” says Jen. Jen’s mom affirmed her statement, adding “We see people walking their dogs downtown all the time. We knew we’d have a built-in customer base. Plus, for us, the goal isn’t just to get bigger. It’s to keep refining what we do so that we’re known as the best at what we do.”

Beyond grooming services, Jen is excited for her shop to be the first downtown retailer for pups! They also have all sorts of cute Florida-themed toys and treats. They even have ‘doggy beer’ so your pup can join in on the fun at the Dented Keg or Cotee River Brewing!

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