New Coffee Shop Highlights Shift In NPR Culture

The idea of walking up to a bar in New Port Richey and ordering a drink is nothing foreign.

When that drink comes in the form of a Lotus Charger, Espresso Shake, or Italian Soda? Yeah, that’s new.

Bruce Brothers’ Beanery hosted a soft-opening on Saturday, May 29th during the Chasco Fiesta Car Show.

During their soft opening last Saturday, the coffee bar at Bruce Brother’s Beanery was rocking like Bourbon on Main during Bike Week. Folks packed into the newest NPR venture, trying to see for themselves what all the hype is about.

Folks coming down for the 22nd Annual Chasco Fiesta Car Show were delighted to find another new downtown NPR business!

The West Coast style coffee shop is already the talk of the town. Hoards of visitors, here for the Chasco Fiesta Car Show, put their popularity to the test. The Bruce Bros’ first official day was certainly one for the record books.

Operating with a reduced menu, the Beanery team ran into typical first-day snafus. From a temperamental point-of-sales system to a pileup of orders, the team made the best of it and shone through with superior customer service. Ultimately, everyone left satisfied with drink in hand.

The shop, owned by Cody and Tanner Bruce, is located at 5738 Missouri Avenue. Once full of artisan crafts from neighboring Lis’s Pieces, Lisa, owner of Lis’s Pieces and mother of Cody and Tanner, cleared out the space a few months back. Lisa has long been a downtown visionary, expanding her square-footage and rolodex of artisans on a regular basis. Clearing out a space for a new venture may seem unusual, but it’s all part of the plan.

“We need more retailers downtown,” she explains, “this doesn’t work if it’s just Lis’s Pieces, J+H, the White Heron, and another dozen shops. People need to see that downtown NPR is alive – even in the morning.”

An infusion of caffeine may be just what downtown needs.

Visit Bruce Brothers’ Beanery

Opening on Saturday, June 5th

HOURS: Everyday, 6 AM – 8 PM