New Look Revealed for Missouri-Grand Building

It’s not everyday we get to deliver an inside scoop – but thanks to weeks of investigative journalism (repeatedly asking to see it) we’ve unearthed a rendering of the future Missouri-Grand Building!

Are you ready?

You sure?

From this…

To this:

Behind the Scenes

The developer behind the project, Frank Starkey, and his team at People Places LLC are proud to revive a dynamic and vibrant space in downtown NPR. Rather than leaving the City to grow something bottom up, the team is deftly navigating the process of revitalizing old buildings. The future of this site involves a first-floor restaurant and second-floor workspace.

Frank has a longstanding history with the New Port Richey community. As a kid, Frank lived with his dad Jay B. Starkey Jr., and his mom Marsha on what was originally the CS and then Anclote River Ranch. With his brother Trey, he managed the planning, entitlements and sale of Starkey Ranch, the 2,500-acre multi-use development in Central Pasco County. In 1998, the brothers also developed Longleaf, a 568-acre neighborhood development in Trinity. (Source: Frank Starkey works to transform perceptions, bring opportunities to New Port Richey | Tampa Bay Business Journal)

Serving as the founder and principle architect of People Places LLC, Frank continues to develop a team brimming with talent. As an organization, they merge unique skillsets to bring new life to old spaces and create real opportunities for people to share parts of their lives. “Quiet places, bustling places, intimate places, single- and multi-use places, wide-open places, far off places, convenient places, all kinds of life-affirming places. We ensure that a property’s physical design, environmental qualities, accessibility, legal status, maintenance and governance come together to foster people connecting positively with people.”

This was certainly the case when the team unveiled the 42-unit first phase of the Central on Orange Lake. Rather than building an “apartment complex” People Places created a series of three story “mansion” type buildings that integrate seamlessly into downtown. Each building contains 4 to 6 individual apartments accessed by a single gated entry and stair hall. The spaces between buildings serve as a series of outdoor “rooms” containing amenities for residents, and beauty for the whole town to enjoy.

Learn more about People Places LLC by visiting their website,, or Facebook page.