An Urban Farmer’s Paradise in Tampa Bay

From spring mixed greens to the winter squash, food defines every season of life on planet Earth. For the majority of human existence, we spent our lives dedicated to its pursuit.

It is only in this recent chapter that food has become an expectation, as opposed to a product of love and labor. We’ve entered the era of the mega-farm, and we’re worse off for it. Our food is grown thousands of miles away from us. It spends days on a truck, days on the supermarket shelf, and days in our fridge. The result? Less flavorful, less nutritionally dense, more expensive food.

In New Port Richey, we are harnessing the power of our community to grow healthier, together. The City’s environmental initiatives have made it a leader in the urban agriculture space for decades. Innovative concepts like our ‘Yard Debris to Mulch Program’ have saved citizens money, and drastically reduced the barrier to begin urban farming. Today, community gardens are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the City.

For some downtown New Port Richey residents, urban farming has become less of a hobby and more of a way of life.

Meet Jim.

Jim spends his winters in Florida and his summers in Maine. His half-acre garden sprawls across the yards of his generous neighbors, and feeds upwards of 60 local families. He’s been able to scale his garden by taking advantage of the City’s many urban agriculture programs.

Jim’s garden is incredible, but you don’t have to grow a half-acre garden to make a difference in your community. You can help us achieve food sovereignty by starting your own small-scale front yard garden! If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, consider joining the New Port Richey Gardening Club, FarmNet, or the City’s Environmental Committee!