After-Hours Dessert Lounge Announces Opening

Kelly Hackman, owner of The White Heron Tea Room, must have no room left on her 2021 calendar. Since guiding her business through the pandemic, Kelly has taken on a number of other ventures. She assisted her husband, Bryan, with the management of Cotee River Brewing. She announced the launch of a salt room on Main Street. And now – as a sweet surprise – she is unveiling her latest project – the Riviera Room.

Partnering with local vendors, Kelly and her team have created a drink menu that includes locally-sourced wines and wine-based liquor cocktails. She has also introduced a number of desserts, including those pictured below.

About the Riviera Room

The Riviera Room is a dessert and wine bar open after-dark in The White Heron Tea Room. The official opening of the Riviera Room takes place Thursday, April 29th from 6 – 10 PM!