The Talk Around Town

Downtown New Port Richey is growing every day! From new businesses to construction projects – keep up with downtown!

Keiser and the Parking Garage Have Shot Up!

One day the corner of US-19 and Main Street is a giant dirt patch. Over the course of a few months, we watched Keiser’s foundation get poured and walls erected. Suddenly, as if out of thin air, the City’s parking garage and Keiser University look nearly finished.

This is thanks in part to the use of prefab – or prefabricated – construction. Pieces of the parking garage have been built off-site and delivered to NPR via highway. The result? An entire parking garage popping up – seemingly overnight.

With an anticipated completion date of June for both projects, our excitement continues to build at the prospect of finishing these great community amenities.

City Makes Improvements to Main Street Landscaping

Anticipating Keiser University and the City Parking Garage’s completion, NPR Public Works Department is moving forward with plans to improve landscaping on Main Street toward US-19. New shade trees in the median, along with shorter palms staggered along the sidewalk buffer, create a welcoming feel when driving into downtown.

Combined with a re-activated LED board on Main Street, the downtown’s west-side gateway is on its way to a much improved façade.

NPR Library Receives Facelift

The renovation of the New Port Richey Public Library is underway, and we’re documenting the progress as we go! Learn more about the project’s progress as we continue to update this article!

The Hacienda’s Walk of Fame Honors NPR History

Working in conjunction with the West Pasco Historical Society, the City of New Port Richey planned and implemented a walk of fame outside of the Hacienda Hotel. Each paver features a different figure from New Port Richey’s history. In total, there are seven names featured:

  • Johnny Cash
  • June Carter
  • Ed Wynn
  • Thomas Meighan
  • George Sims
  • Gene Sarazen
  • Earl Benham

Come check it out the next time you visit Sims park!

NPR Community Gardens Thriving in the Wake of a Successful Loquat Festival

After a barren season for produce festivals in NPR, March’s Mini-Loquat Festival was a breath of fresh air. The City’s environmental committee hosts four seasonal events each year. Along with the loquat festival there is winter’s collard green festival, summer’s Okra Occasion, and fall’s Sweet Potato Round-Up.

Since news of the pandemic last March, the environmental committee has been extremely limited. The loquat festival, hosted in a series of pop-up events, was phenomenally successful for the organization. Since the success of this event, the group hopes to introduce more community members to its gardening and agrarian programs!

New Bike Rack in the Works for Ordinance One

A longtime in the works, this project by the City’s Cultural Advisory Committee is finally coming to fruition! Check out this unique piece of functional art, coming soon to Ordinance One’s front sidewalk!