New Port Richey’s Plan for the Future

At some point in the last decade, a switch flipped and New Port Richey’s stock began rising. Some credit redevelopment, like the Sims Park improvements that led to movies, concerts, and other events driving downtown business. Others credit the natural amenities, like the Cotee River, and the community’s rich history. The truth is somewhere in between, but there’s no denying that the City is on a roll. Now, with momentum building, the City is preparing a plan for the future.

In 2019, as things picked up for NPR at an unprecedented rate, the City invested in a Master Plan. The process started with a re-brand to shape the public perception of the City. Ultimately, the intention was to capture all of the positive momentum with a logo and distinctive visual palate. A citywide brand came out of this process, including a marketing effort centered around the downtown district.

In early-2020, the City rolled out the new brand in the form of social media channels, visual design elements like banners and signage, and a new downtown website. Following the successful launch of the City’s brand, the next step would be to craft a long-term plan for downtown and US Highway 19.

Following a number of input sessions with local residents and stakeholders, consultants delivered the first draft of a Master Plan. Identifying nodes throughout the City, the Master Plan offered high-quality visuals depicting improvements and future uses for each site. The City will take advantage of these materials by implementing short-term strategies and partnering with developers to execute long-term deliverables.

Get Involved: Help Plan for the Future

As the City grows into a vibrant place to live, work, and play, now is the time to get involved! Join a citizen advisory committee, volunteer with Main Street, or show up to council meetings! Plus, there’s still time to review and comment on the master plan!