19 Dog-Friendly Businesses for You and Your Pup!

While it may be difficult to find a restaurant willing to serve your pooch, many will accommodate them! Downtown New Port Richey has an abundance of dog-friendly parks, fire hydrants, and outdoor dining. Check out these 17 spots with outdoor seating and fresh water for Fido!

Melt’d & Ottaway’s

Located on the corner of Bank Street & Main Street, these two spots are a blast after a family day in the park! Melt’d is known for its gourmet grilled cheeses and Ottaway’s has the sweetest frozen treats! Plus, Ottaway’s is now serving doggy ice cream!

Downtown Nutrition

Healthy treats for humans aren’t the only thing being served as this cute, new café! Starting soon, Downtown Nutrition will be carrying puppucinos for our sweet, four-legged friends!

Boulevard Beef & Ale

Joe and Lou are ready to welcome you and your pets to Boulevard Beef & Ale! The back patio makes the perfect place to dine and watch the action on Railroad Square!

Sip on Grand

The outdoor parklet makes a wonderful space to enjoy an evening with your pets! Come out on Thursday nights for live music and try out one of the famous Sip charcuterie boards!

Cotee River Brewing

The addition of outdoor dining at Cotee River Brewing was certainly one positive to come out of the pandemic. We love the festive umbrellas, food trucks, and the fact that you can hang out with your dog while enjoying fresh beer and live music!

Richey Suncoast Theatre

Unfortunately, outside of their production of Annie, pups aren’t allowed inside the Richey Suncoast. However, the folks at the RST have fresh water and belly rubs for any passers by!

J+H Consignment

Stop by with your pup as your peruse the latest finds from J+H Consignment! Hannah, Jessica, and Tracy love dogs and often have theirs at the shop!

Lis’s Pieces Artisan Boutique

This chic boutique has all your home décor needs – plus, they’re dog-friendly! Stop in and sniff out some art you really love. Come April, Bruce Brothers’ Beanery will even have puppucinos!

Rose’s Bistro

Stop by Rose’s and dine with your pup on their gorgeous outdoor patio! Open and breezy, this is the perfect stop on a walk through downtown NPR!

Bourbon on Main

One of the largest patios in downtown is welcoming to furry friends of all shapes and sizes! This award-winning bar and eatery offers a creative collection of craft drinks and Cajun cuisine!

The Social NPR

Whether you bring a date or your pup, an evening on the Social NPR’s rooftop will net you some kisses! Try out this great spot for craft cocktails, live music, and gorgeous scenery!

Downtown Hair Lounge

Don’t worry – the goth girl clique isn’t as scary as they look! Stop by with your pup and let the ladies of DHL fawn all over them! They even have fresh water and doggie treats available!

Heros Downtown Subs and Salads

Order from Heros and enjoy their tasty food outdoors at their sidewalk café! Roll up with your pup and score some fresh water on your way from the park!

Ella’s Boutique

The folks at Ella’s Boutique love pups, so swing by and make their day! Just don’t forget to pick out your next favorite accessory!

Ordinance One

While we’re still waiting for a puppy pilsner, Ordinance One’s awesome selection of human beer can be consumed in the backyard with your dog! Come stop by and enjoy the vibes!

Wright’s Natural Market

Stop in at Wright’s and stay a while at this dog-friendly shop! They have outdoor hooks and water so you can sip at their café while keeping an eye on your pup!

Fitzgerald’s Irish Tavern

Come hang out at Fitzgerald’s where they’re dog-friendly for all friendly dogs! Check out this great menu and be on the look out for upcoming doggy entrees!

Dented Keg Ale Works

Come bring your pup and check out downtown’s newest brewery! We’re extra excited since DKAW will be hosting the very first Yappy Hour!