Mother-Daughters Team Brings Consignment Dream to Life

It started with some Prada and a dream. Tracy and her daughters, Jessica and Hannah, are long-time NPR residents with a vision for downtown. When they arrived, they fell in love with the community’s potential, but noticed the lack of retail. “We’re a family with big dreams for our community,” Tracy explains. “One day we had an idea to open this boutique consignment shop downtown. We got with some friend who wanted to sell their clothes and made a go of it.”

Embracing Local

Today, Tracy, Jessica, and Hannah operate J&H Consignment. With over 200 contributing consigners, the boutique carries designer purses, name brand clothing, shoes, and accessories. “We’re in a very fortunate position,” explains Jessica. “As a small business, we love helping other small businesses. Lots of the jewelry you find at J&H is crafted by local jewelry designers. Our favorite part of the business is helping other entrepreneurs launch their business!”

It’s an easy choice for J&H Consignment to embrace their local community of entrepreneurs. “We were really embraced by downtown with open arms,” says Hannah. “It’s exciting to see the surge of growth in my hometown, and especially to be a part of that. It makes us all really proud.”

Giving Something Back

While the growth in NPR is widely lauded, the family knows that it hasn’t spread to the entire community. Many folks are still low-income, and while J&H offers affordable luxury, not everybody can afford it. For that reason, J&H gives their consigners the option to donate unsold items to local women’s shelters and the Rap House, a facility for runaway teens. Throughout the pandemic, J&H reached out to women in need to provide them clothing, shoes, and gift cards.

“We pride ourselves on helping women feel beautiful, helping consigners earn money, and on keeping clothes in circulation for longer,” says Tracy. “We’re living the dream everyday here at J&H. We just want to thank the community for embracing us and our mission.”

Visit J+H Consignment

6324 Grand Boulevard, New Port Richey, FL