Ebb and Flow Paddleboards brings fitness to Sims Park

Ebb & Flow Stand Up Paddleboards is breaking new ground and making waves in downtown NPR. As the first approved vendor to operate in Sims Park, Ebb & Flow quietly set up shop this past weekend along the bank of the Cotee River.

Onlookers passed by curiously, checking out the collection of colorful paddleboards. Meanwhile, Ebb & Flow’s founder, Marivee, talked to park patrons about her venture. Her passion for health is not lost on her potential customers. “We want to bring fun, safe, and inclusive activities to our community,” she explains. As more and more folks look for outdoor recreation, her plans are coming to fruition.

SUP Yoga

Marivee is already scouting the area for potential paddle trips, but that’s only part of the plan. “We’re excited to do trips with clubs like the Cotee River Kayakers,” Marivee says, “but we also have plans for Yoga and Pilates classes. It’s another opportunity for folks to get outside and feel good while practicing mindful wellness.”

These days, stand up paddleboards are a common replacement for yoga mats. “It isn’t surprising at all,” says Marivee, “nobody wants to be stuck in a hot room with 15 strangers right now. People are much more comfortable outdoors in the fresh air. Lots of folks exercise in the park, so we’re excited to give them the option of using the river!”

All Ages Welcome

Surfing originated on the islands of Hawaii, and as older Hawaiians became unable to surf, the stand up paddleboard emerged. This alternative water craft continues to be an excellent option for older adventurers due to its width and stability.

Marivee’s classes are senior-safe, and each paddleboard includes an individual anchor.

More about Ebb and Flow Stand Up Paddleboards

Ebb & Flow offers SUP Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard rentals.