Lis’s Pieces Artisan Boutique Restocks for 2021

Closing the books on her second year, Lisa Langford has become a savvy entrepreneur in downtown NPR. Her shop, Lis’s Pieces Artisan Boutique, is a 3,400 square-foot award-winning collective with over 70 artists, crafters, painters, photographers, and sculptors. This time last year? She had half the vendors and less than half the square footage.

An Artisan Entrepreneur

So what changed for Lisa? Each time she saw an opportunity, she pounced. Whether it was the initial expansion of her showroom or the addition of an upstairs event venue, Lisa has never let an opportunity pass her by. This past Christmas, Lisa even baked cookies and filled the Florida sky with fake snow from her second-story window. For her, all of this is bigger than Lis’s Pieces.

“It’s about the community,” Lisa repeats throughout our conversation, “if we weren’t part of something so incredible going on, there’s wouldn’t be a Lis’s Pieces.” That incredible thing, which Lisa is referring to, is the tidal wave of change that downtown has experienced. From the reimagined Sims Park, to the revival of the historic Hacienda Hotel, to the dozens of awards being won annually by downtown businesses, there’s no denying that the groundswell of momentum is incredible. Lisa sees where the community is headed, which is part of why she’s so optimistic. “We have people visiting from Dunedin, from Clearwater, from Lakeland,” Lisa says. “Will they travel all the way over here to spend a weekend in the Hacienda? Absolutely. I have no doubt in my mind.”

While the year presented challenge after challenge, this past winter saw sales spike on Small Business Saturday and in the weeks leading up to Christmas. “We love this community,” says Lisa, “all of the support really fills up my heart. If we can end 2020 like this, 2021 will be phenomenal.”

To prepare for a groundbreaking year, Lisa is adding more vendors, more floor space, and more concepts to Lis’s Pieces. Her showrooms are filled with jewelry, wall art, glass work, and photography; meanwhile one of her front rooms is empty in advance of a totally new venture! We can’t wait to find out what’s next for Lisa and Lis’s Pieces!

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6214 Grand Boulevard, New Port Richey, FL 34652

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