Healthy Habits Start Here

ADAPT Freshness, the smoothie and açaí bowl shop on Main Street, is adding new items to their menu! Beetroot Sunflower ADAPT Toast, Protein-n-Greens Smoothie, and Breathe Easy Juice have all made Mike’s cut to earn a starting spot on the menu, but ADAPT has no plans to stop innovating.

ADAPT Freshness is starting off the year on the right foot with healthy new menu items! Since opening downtown in September 2020, residents, visitors, and fans of all things fresh have embraced this one-of-a-kind shop. From $6 smoothies to their colorful assortment of toasts and bowls, ADAPT Freshness is brining the community together for healthy, fun food options.

“We’ve really taken the time to learn what people like at the shop,” explains ADAPT owner Michael Forte, “our Tropical Protein smoothie, our Original Toast, and our Go Nuts acai bowl are all top-sellers.” Not only does Mike have a penchant for remembering orders, with customers, he’s all about relationships. “We love our ADAPT family,” Mike says, “we have walking and yoga groups stop by in the morning, moms and their kids after school, and all day long we have folks stopping by for a healthy choice.” To Mike, he isn’t serving toasts and smoothies, he’s serving the community.

Mike and ADAPT Freshness are committed to downtown NPR. Having visited his grandparents in New Port Richey as a kid, Mike was skeptical about the downtown community before seeing it in-person for the first time in 20 years. “It’s beautiful, all of the change that’s happening,” Mike reflects, “we’re just so excited to be a part of that. We can’t wait to help it continue and prosper in the future.” As the community grows, so does Mike’s menu. In January, he’s adding a new toast, a new smoothie, and a new acai bowl.

Beetroot Sunflower ADAPT Toast

Beetroot Sunflower ADAPT Toast is not only tasty, it’s what the kids are calling ‘instagram-able’. The classic jalapeño feta cheese is mixed with beets to mellow the spiciness and brighten the color! Fresh avocado is topped with kale that’s been dehydrated on site. Then, the toast is topped off with crunchy almonds and honey roasted sunflower seeds for a burst of sweetness. This one is a total winner!

Protein-n-Greens Smoothie

Anyone who’s gone through their fair share of protein shakes has discovered this vitamin-packed pick-me-up. Mike’s take on the Protein-n-Greens Smoothie is the freshest you’ll find! Plant-based vanilla protein powder and fresh strawberries provide the sweet, creamy base of this smoothie. The kale, spinach, and spirulina gives the smoothie a distinctive green appearance, and fill it up with superfoods!

Breathe Easy Juice

We love stopping by ADAPT for a mid-day juice! The classic flavors are sweet, tasty, and fresh – but Breathe Easy Juice has a bit of a twist! Built on a foundation of carrots, apple, lemon and spinach, this juice is already super healthy. However, Mike adds raw garlic to really take things to the next level! Now before you even say it, we know what you’re thinking. Raw garlic?? Wouldn’t the drink taste like a tall cold glass of veggie pizza? Not so! The raw garlic is great for opening up the lungs and strengthening immune systems. The taste doesn’t linger on the tongue, and actually provides a nice, fresh, aromatic note.

Can’t wait to try these new menu items? Visit ADAPT’s new website to order online!