At eCarve, the Future is Now!

Anybody who experienced New Port Richey over the past decade will tell you how dramatic the change is today. Where storefronts and construction sites sat empty, projects today move at warp speed. We anticipate projects like the Hacienda Hotel and the Commons on Grand being finished before the halfway point of this year, but these projects aren’t the only thing moving quickly in Sims Park. One of the sources of the new life in downtown NPR is eCarve LLC, a certified electric scooter and one-wheeler dealership on Main Street. eCarve has contributed to the popularity of Sims Park, and downtown as a whole, by making it accessible and appealing to older teens and young adults. These days, at any time of day, you’re likely to see friends, families, and couples zipping along the sidewalk as they explore the community.

Main Street NPR ribbon cutting ceremony

Scott Carbone, the proprietor of eCarve, was drawn to downtown NPR by the allure of past development projects. The opening of Main Street Landing and the Central on Orange Lake have shifted the vibe of downtown. Now, in addition to a laidback riverfront feeling, there is a current of youthful energy flowing through the community.

Scott shreds his one-wheel in eCarve during build-out

What’s unique about Scott’s business is that it is one of the few entertainment options for the entire family, and it’s within walking distance of New Port Richey’s residential neighborhoods. Scott’s store even helps direct traffic to other downtown businesses using the downtown dining and shopping brochures.

One of the most popular packages at eCarve is their date night deal! “It’s a fun, safe and green way to enjoy the boutiques, restaurants and breweries in our flourishing downtown,” says Scott, “eCarve brings the community together by offering an opportunity for business owners to collaborate.”

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