Shop Small Everyday

If you’re reading this right now, just know that we’re thankful for you!

If it wasn’t for you – yes, YOU – there would be no downtown NPR. We wouldn’t have a thriving community of shops, diners, cafes, breweries, and bakeries. There wouldn’t be weekly markets at the library or Ordinance One. We couldn’t watch our favorite band come to BOM or gather around the big screen TVs at The Social and mourn the Bucs’ (repeated) losses together. We couldn’t walk from Cotee River Brewing to Dented Keg Ale Works for our favorite local brews. There wouldn’t be a Chasco Fiesta or a KIAFest. There wouldn’t be a community without you.

Downtown New Port Richey is special because each of you has chosen to invest in this community. When you shop at Wright’s Natural Market, or bring home a work of art from Lis’s Pieces, you’re helping small businesses to thrive. You’re helping families to support themselves. You’re helping to build businesses that – time and time again – give it all back to the community.

This weekend, we have three days dedicated to shopping, but only one dedicated to supporting local business. Small Business Saturday is great, but we know that one day is not enough. Our small business community gives back to us every day of every week of every year. It’s about time we choose to shop small everyday!

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