A Milestone Anniversary for Pasco Camera Exchange

The Pasco Camera Exchange is about more than just exchanging photography gear – it’s about an exchange of ideas. Proprietor Jim Smetzer worked for other local camera stores, including Ritz Camera at Countryside Mall, before opening the shop in June 1995. Since then, Jim has brought this wealth of knowledge to every sale, every discussion, and every meeting of the Pasco Camera Club. This year marks 25 years since Jim and Annette Smetzer opened their doors on New Port Richey’s Main Street.

Why NPR?

Jim and his wife Annette chose to open their doors on New Port Richey’s Main Street because of its wonderful small-town feel. Today, they sell both new and used digital cameras, as well as classic and legacy film cameras. Primarily, they deal in digital brands like Canon, Sony and Nikon, supplying an expansive selection of lenses, flashes, camera bags, and accessories for photographers.

They also offer several unique services. One of these is the ability to transfer video tapes and 8mm movie films onto DVDs or flash drives.

“Video tapes are starting to reach the end of their life, and need to be converted to newer technology,” says owner Annette Smetzer. “We also transfer cassette tapes and even 1960’s reel to reel audio tapes onto CDs. We can restore old and faded photos, often making them look better than they did when they were first printed.”

Pasco Camera Exchange prides itself on customer service. If folks have questions or problems with their personal cameras, they are always glad to check them out. They even offer private digital camera classes to help folks learn how to use their digital cameras more effectively. Their goal is to help people preserve their precious memories.

Learn More About Pasco Camera Exchange

Learn more about Pasco Camera Exchange by visiting their website, or calling them at (727) 844-0904. Also, make sure to stop by their store at 5405 Main Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652!